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Easyshoe Flex Light


The EasyShoe Flex Light

Available in 6 sizes. #0-#5.

Sold in pairs

The newest addition to our EasyShoe line-up is a hybrid nail-on shoe that features the concussion absorption powers of polyurethane while our unique spring steel core provides flexibility and durability that encourages the hoof to flex with each footfall.

The EasyShoe Flex Light does not have the spring steel insert. Can be nailed, glued or cast in place. No toe or side clips. Very lightweight and long lasting.

The Flex is a great option for distance rides, trail horses, and horse working on hard surfaces. The wide web design also makes the Flex ideal for therapy cases. Holds pour-in packing very well.

The EasyShoe Flex line can be applied with nails, glue or casting. The open nailing slots and clear material make nail placement straight forward and are extremely beneficial for achieving an accurate installation.

Unlike traditional steel or aluminum shoes, no hammer is used to shape the shoe. Simply trace the hoof on the shoe and remove the excess material, as shown in the Flex Application Guide and Video.

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