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Fit Kit for Glove Boots & Glue On Shells


If you are new to the Glove Boot, or if this is the first time that this particular horse has used them please use a FIT KIT to assess correct fit.  This only applies to the Glove boot and Glove Shell styles.

If you would like to talk to our staff about the fit kit or have queries as to whether the glove boot would work best for your horse, just call us on 024457 3022 during office hours.


Why use a FIT KIT?

The Glove Boot is unlike any other boot.  It has no fastening system to draw in the top of the boot.  It relies on great three dimensional fit for its security.  When fitted properly it is very secure but it will not fit every hoof shape.  Just going by sizing charts alone is not always the best way to fit this style boot as they won't show if the hoof walls have any distortions such as flares. 

A fit kit is a selection of the Glove shells in the sizing range you have measured to.  With a kit of shells you are able to try various shells on your horse and fine tune your fit in real world conditions.


Refundable Security Deposit: 

To keep our kits in circulation we ask that you lodge a refundable deposit ($60) for the kit.  You have fourteen days to try the shells on your horse and to return the kit to us. 

Upon return we will refund your deposit less postage and handling. 

Inside the kit is also an express post "pre paid" envelope to make it easy for you to send the shells back to Easycare Down Under. If the kit is not returned in a timely manner you will be deemed to have purchased the shells and charged accordingly.

Thank you for helping keep the kits in circulation.

Because we have many people waiting for the kits please note they must be returned within fourteen days or we will deem them sold to you, and charge you accordingly.  No refund will be made after this period.  If you have unexpected delays please email as and let us know at easycaredownuner@bigpond.com.

How to pay your Fit Kit deposit: 

1.  You may pay your deposit now online through our shop with paypal, or with your credit card.

Be sure to list the measurements for your horse's hooves in the box below.  List all four hooves, length and width (always measure after a fresh trim as thee is an allowance for the growth period in the sizings).

How to measure your hoof:

How to Measure

Please list your HOOF MEASUREMENTS here:

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