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Grazing Muzzle


"Lamin-aid" Grazing Muzzles are ideal for horses who need temporary grazing restrictions.   Only available in colour purple.


  • Rubber grazing plate and strong nylon webbing - padded to prevent chaffing.
  • Safety break-away velcroe top strap.
  • Quick snap side buckle for ease of application so muzzle does not have to be re-adjusted every time.
  • Strong webbing with large breathing holes.
  • D ring sewn into webbing so that you are able to quickly attach a lead rope.
  • All straps are fully adjustable so best fit can be achieved.
  • Can be hosed clean after each wear.
  • Large ventilation holes.

See  article on www.hygain.com.au/horse-candidate-grazing-muzzle/ on the fitting and use of grazing muzzles.

Please note:  Please consider the safety of your horse when leaving any halter or muzzle on it in the pasture. Muzzles are not meant for long term use on unnattended horses, but should only be applied for short periods to prevent excessive grazing. 

Muzzles should be used in combination with a suitable diet so that although grazing is restricted when the horse is in the muzzle, the horse still receives vital nutrients and roughage at other times.

The article below offers tips to help your horse get used to restricted grazing and has advice on ways to introduce your horse to life with a muzzle.   hygain_feed_article_on_grazing_muzzles.pdf hygain_feed_article_on_grazing_muzzles.pdf

Do you have a miniature horse?  These little fellows have special needs when it comes to restricted grazing.  Click here to read more.   Mini-laminitis-article.pdf Mini-laminitis-article.pdf

Caution:  If you have a miniature horses or miniature donkeys please talk to your vet prior to severely restricting the diet - if miniature horses or donkeys have their feed suddenly restricted these breeds are highly susceptible to the condition hyperlipemia, a lethal condition with 70% mortality rate.

Grazing muzzle sizes

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