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Thrush Eze Powder


ThrushEze® Hoof Powder   

$15.00      125 gms per bottle. CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER!

This product was developed after years of trying a multitude of treatments for thrush in the Equine Hoof.   ThrushEze® works well on feet that are constantly in a wet environment (rain, dew on grass, etc), or horses that have a deep seated thrush infection in the central sulcus of the frog.

Why apply a wet product to wet feet??  Apply a DRY product instead!!!

After dealing with increased rain and wet conditions, it was found necessary to develop a dry product to aid in the prevention, treatment and control of thrush in the Equine foot.  This product is an absorptive powder that is safe, yet effective on thrush. 

After applying all the traditional wet treatments such as AVC, tea tree oil and various other treatments such as time consuming soaking, none were effective enough on already wet or waterlogged feet.  ThrushEze® starts to work quickly...... and it actually works well!!!

For major infections apply once/twice daily to well cleaned hoof for the first week, then 3-5 times a week until infection subsides.  For general use - apply as needed or directed. Apply more often in wet weather. Wash hands after use


Contains the following at specific ratios:

Bentonite Clay
The active mineral composition that makes up this authentic Australian Bentonite Clay has a strong negative ion charge which attaches to (adsorbs) the positively charged particles of pollutants and unhealthy substances. This may be described as a natural magnetic drawing action resulting in deep cleansing.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
100% pure and is totally organic and safe. DE is not an earth, but fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one celled plants called DIATOMS.  DE dehydrates insects and pests, and kills by physical action, not chemical, by puncturing the insect's exoskeleton and absorbing the moisture in their bodies.

Copper Sulfate
Copper sulfate is an odorless blue powder or crystal. Commonly used for agricultural purposes as a fungicide to treat fruit and vegetable crops for mildew, blights and other fungus.  It functions as a herbicide, fungicide and pesticide.  General warning: Health Effects of Copper Sulfate: Copper sulfate is harmful if ingested or if skin is exposed to it in large amounts. It will also cause eye damage. Copper sulfate is not a known carcinogen.
Assists in lowering acidity levels.

Regular cleaning of feet, movement, balanced diet, keeping horse out of manure, urine and excessive mud, and not feeding a diet high in sugar, are all critical factors in managing thrush!!

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