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Trimmers Starter Kit


Ideal starter kit for the trimmer who wants to do their own trims.

Home Trimmer Starter Kit Contains: 

Nitrile Tough trimming gloves -  Atlas Trimming Gloves.

These great flexible gloves are more popular than leather gloves for trimming as they protect your hands whilst still leaving you the ability to "feel" the hoof surface and grasp you tools easily.

The Medium Blade Loop Knife

An excellent multi purpose knife. If you only have one knife for trimming this is the one!  More importantly it is the ideal length to allow you maxium leverage when trimming hard feet!   Handle 150 mm blade 40 mm.  Loop knives have a double sided "loop" cutting edge.  This allows both left and right handed persons to use them without difficulty.

Sharpening Kit:

  • This set of three sharpeners is essential for the upkeep of your hoof knives. 
  • a course cutting round file,
  • a medium flat diamond grit file
  • a tapered round diamond grit file for fine work and sharpeneing the tips of loop knives.

Be sure to choose your glove size from the option box when ordering.

Nitrile Gloves

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