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on individual boots & easyshoes.

Before you buy be sure to size correctly.

how to measure graphic

Correct sizing is everything with hoof boots! We cannot stress this point enough!

1.    Measure after a fresh trim.

2.   Check through all the sizing charts for the various styles to locate a boot which is the closest match to your measurements, both length and width.  Choose styles that suit your horse's measurements.

Some boot styles will accommodate less than perfect feet - these are the ones that enclose more of the entire hoof capsule or have fastening systems that can draw in the top of the boot.

3.     Read the manufacturer's information for that individual boot style and see if it suits your purposes. Be sure to do this as there are many styles, all slightly different.

4.     Often if the horse is fresh out of long term shoeing it is necessary to choose a boot that is not close fitting for your first boot (i.e. The New Mac G2, New Trail or Transition Boot) and then as the horse's hoof form improves you can look to the closer fitting sytles for your next boot.

Sizing charts are listed below with the boot range and are also listed on our shop with the individual boot styles.
If you decide to purchase through us, our staff are hoof boot experts and are always on the end of the phone to help you if you have questions.  Ph 02 4457-3022  We even have on staff an Equine Podiotherapist to assist with any questions about rehab. with boots for laminitis and navicular cases.

Tips for Fitting Success:

Aways measure after a fresh trim & according to the manufacturer's instructions for that particular boot.

For Rx Therapy boots,  or Soaker boots, The Clouc therapy boot, upsize for bandaging and ease of application.

For riding boots always choose the boot whose sizing chart mirrors your hoof shape. Poor fit allows the boots to move and twist when on the horse.  Most of the complaints about boots stem from errors in boot sizing by the owner when purchasing, not from boot failures.  Boots are generally exceptionally tough.

If you have a hoof with flares or distortions then choose a boot that accommodates these. Note:  Flares, hoof cracks, hoof distortions are not natural.  They stem from incorrect hoof form and poor trimming.  Talk to our Podiotherapist about how these an be dealt with.

For good boot fit a 4 weekly cycle is recommended. If you are on a longer trim cycle between trimmer's visits sometimes its necessary to use a more high profile boot that will accomodate a little flaring.

Measure carefully, use metric measurements they are more accurate.        Boot sizes also do not equate to shoe sizes.

metric rule

One question we are often get asked is, “Why can’t I measure in inches and convert to millimeters?” 

The problem here is two-fold.

First, most of the time when people measure in inches they tend to round to the nearest inch, or fraction of an inch.

Second, one inch does not convert to an even millimeter measurement. One inch is equal to 25.4 millimeters. When rounding your inches measurements, it will obscure your millimeters conversion by nearly 0.5 millimeters.

This may not seem like much, but if you take 0.5 millimeters off of each inch measured, the difference can be quite significant. This is especially an issue when trying to fit a boot, like the Easyboot Glove, which requires precise measurements for a proper fit.  Great fit only comes from accurate measurements taken correctly.

Thanks for helping us, help you, get the most out of your Easycare boots.


The Easyboot MINI 

To pre order your mini boot please call us on 02 4457 3022

mini red graphic


The Easyboot Mini has been designed specifically for miniature horses, ponies and foals. Quick and easy to apply, this boot is the ultimate option for tiny hooves.

The lightweight urethane blended sole will allow for traction and protection on any surface. The durable and supple upper keeps the boot secure without interfering with the natural gait.

This is the ideal boot for light driving, therapy and providing traction.

The Easyboot Mini is a first class option for horses who encounter diversity of terrain. The Easyboot Mini will accommodate a Comfort Pad to be used as a therapy boot.

mini info circles

sizing chart mini boot

How small is the smallest mini boot?

mini combo

Mini boot application guide Mini boot application guide

new banner


Something never before seen in equine hoof protection!

Flip Flop on hoof

Easyboot Flip Flop

This new glue-on boot is a flip-flop design with a conventional upper that extends to the widest point of the hoof. This part of the hoof has the least amount of movement in both the vertical and horizontal planes. Because of this lack of movement, the bonds between the shoe and the hoof hold much tighter and are less likely to fail than at the heel.

Having trouble finding a boot to fit a short wide hoof shape?       The Flip Flop is your solution!

Like to see more?  Click here to go to our Flip Flop Information page.

Flip Flop application guide Flip Flop application guide

The NEW MAC Boot

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New Mac banner

new mac

Introducing the New Mac     

Every New Mac horse boot has a unique hi-tech performance outsole and in

corporates the patented Hoof Suspension™ System.

(TPU) compound which minimizes concussion and shortens recovery time for horses with concussion-related injuries. The New Mac is a great option for pleasure riding and can also serve as a therapy boot.

If your horse suffers from any of the following - arthritis, pedal bone fractures, navicular disease, ringbone, laminitis (founder), bruised soles, or scalping from overreaching–the New Mac horse boot will benefit your horse.

The amazingly successful Old Mac boot has a stylish new look and has been redesigned to include:

Front Shield - protects and takes most of the abuse from trail debris

Aggressive Tread Pattern - Provides serious traction and grip.

Reversible and replaceable rear safety strap - gives you confidence that your boot will remain fastened in all conditions.

Opens Wide - for ease of application.

Soft Interior -  new soft interior lining and top negates the need for additional gaiters.

New Mac deep tread sole

New Mac back

New Mac Wide opening

Sizing Chart New Macs


Stylish, tough and super easy to use.


New Trail Boot banner

New Trail Boot

Easycare have built The World's Easiest Hoof Boot!

The Easyboot Trail is the easiest hoof boot in the world to apply and remove. The attachment system assures booted success throughout the trim cycle. The boot opens up completely to easily slip on and off over most hoof shapes and sizes. The rear double Velcro® attachment protects the entire hoof wall and keeps the boot firmly in place. EasyCare Gaiters are an optional accessory (sold separately).

The Easyboot Trail features include:

• Opens wide to get the hoof in and fastens with Velcro®. No additional buckles or straps to negotiate.
• Offered at an entry-level price point: One of the most affordable boots on the market today.
• Tough polyurethane sole offers excellent durability and grip on all terrain.

New Trails Bakc View New Trails wide opening

sizing chart new trail boots

The NEW BACK COUNTRY Boot (2016)

Sold as a single boot.

Back Country Banner - new

    New Back Country front view new Back Country circle info

New Back Country info

Back Country fitting tips

Easyboot_Glove_Back_Country_Sizing-Jan2015.pdf Easyboot_Glove_Back_Country_Sizing-Jan2015.pdf

How to attach a Snug Strap to your Back Country or Trail Boots:

The Easyboot EPIC Boot

Epic Boot

Epic Tread

Epic main image

Sold as a single boot.   

The sole tread has been redesigned to match the amazingly successful Glove boot tread.  Comes with new improved fastening system.


  • New reinforced gaiter folds back for ease of application.
  • New cable system is better than ever before.

The Epic Boot is a fantastic boot for all types of riding. Sold as a single boot it works well for horses with asymmetrical hoof sizes such as high/low syndrome.

The redesigned cable & buckle system allows for various adjustments to draw in the top of the boot which accommodates a range of hoof shapes. Pads can be added for more comfort if necessary and the soft gaiter which is part of the boot itself keeps the boot secure.

If you prefer a different buckle style then you can change to the "easy up" buckle system which is sold as an accessory.

Gaiters can be easily replaced if necessary with normal household tools.

Fastening is with a simple cable and snap buckle system. 
If you would like to convert your Epic buckle to an Easy Up buckle thats easy to do to!

Click here for printable BACK COUNTRY sizing chart Click here for printable EASYBOOT GRIP/EPIC sizing chart

esay up buckle

If you prefer the "Easy Up" buckle system instead of the regular buckle, these are available as an accessory. Click here for directions on changing buckles Click here for directions on changing buckle

The Epic boot has a unique faster which allows you top draw in the top of the boot with a cabling and buckle system. 

This opens up boot use to those horses who have less perfect hoof shape. 

The EPIC  is ideal for horses who suffer high/low hoof syndrome (club foot) as it allows the use of pads too which allows you to get afirmer fit on the club foot.  Also ideal for horses just coming out of shoes who are undergoing rehab.

Changing Gaiters on the Epic Boot:

Easyboot NEW GLOVE Boot

The amazing  GLOVE boot has recently undergone an upgrade and has some great new features!

New glove boot banner

Sold as a single boot.  "THE" boot of choice for high performance equine sports.

New Glove 2013

New Glove 2016 rear view

New Glove circles info

New Glove info

Why you may need a Fit Kit before you buy:

If you choose a Glove Boot Equecare Down Under suggests you always fine tune your fit with a "fit kit" first.

    What is a fit kit?

A fit kit is a series of Glove boot shells with sizing above, below, and including the size that you measure too. The Glove boot being so stretchy will sometimes fit hoof sizes that fall outside the exact measurement. With a fit kit you can test several sizes to find the exact one for your horse. Note: this boot style is not recommended for horses with excessive flaring.

How to get your fit kit:     

First measure your horse after a fresh trim.

Then please ring our office on 02 4457-3022 (during business hours Mon to Fri) and speak to one of our staff.

You will need to lodge a refundable deposit of $60with us so we can post your fit kit to you.

Your deposit will be returned to you less postage, once you return the kit. You can also lodge your deposit online plus your measurements if you do not need to speak to us.  Some hoof sizes are not suitable for the glove boot so if your horse has any hoof deformation issues then it is best to ring us to discuss your boot options. 

Click here for sizing chart for the Glove & Glue Ons. Click here for sizing chart for the Glove & Glue Ons.

Glove Boot Accessories: (listed below the boot on our shop) If you are a performance rider there are a range of accessories to enhance the fit of the glove boot if you need this.  Power Straps fit between the V at the front of the boot to keep it closed and Meuller Tape aids the contact between hoof and glove boot wall.

Garrett Ford discusses the Easyboot Glove (part 1)

Garrett Ford discusses the Easyboot Glove (part 2)



Ideal for multi day competitions or multi day rides.  Not meant to replace horse shoes.  If you are seeking an alternative to shoes then we sugget you look at the amazing "EasyShoe".

Use the hoof protection winners choose - Below Garrett Ford CEO of Easycare Inc rides The Fury to a win in the Tevis 100 Mile Endurance Championships in the US.

Garrett Ford winin Tevis 2012

Glue On Shells main image

mountain rider with glue on shells

Glue on Shells are not meant to replace horse shoes and should only be left in place for the duration of the event.

The Shells are ideal for multi day endurance rides or long distance endurance/trail rides where you do not want to use the Glove with a gaiter.

Hoof conditions such as thrush thrive in an anaerobic environment (airless) so it is not recommended that these boots never be left on the horse for periods longer than the manufacturers recommendations.  The Glue on Shells are not meant to replace horse shoes and should never be left on the hoof for more than 7 days. 

Sizing Chart Easyboot Glue On Shells Sizing Chart Easyboot Glue On Shells

Gluing supplies are also available on our shop.

Preparation & appliction of the Glue Ons:

Removing the Glue Ons:


red cross first aid logo



Transition Boot main image


A great first boot for every horse fresh out of shoes & later a great riding boot!!!

transition boot front

This new boot is specifically designed to support horses freshly out of shoes and thosewith hoof issues right through the transition period.  Then to go on to be an all terrain riding boot.

riding boot that accommodates a hoof that is in the process of rehabilitative trimming.  If you would like to pre-purchase this boot please read the "how to measure" information

available above, write down your horse's mesaurements after a fresh trim and then ring our office to talk to a specialist hoof boot consultant.

The Seamless Integration of Flexibility and Durability

The Easyboot Transition offers an innovative combination of shock absorption and support never before seen in a hoof boot. The Easyboot Transition is available in eight sizes that accommodate many hoof shapes and angles. This is an ideal hoof boot for pleasure riding (less than 25 miles per week) and is also suitable for therapeutic applications.

The Easyboot Transition features include:

  • Leather and soft-weave fabric is lightweight yet durable to protect the hoof from rocks, roots and other trail hazards. A seamless mold between the upper and bumper eliminates the need for stitching.
  • Industrial strength hook and loop straps secure the boot on the hoof and allow for multiple adjustments.
  • The robust bumper adds flexibility to the core of the boot while a supportive midsole increases shock absorption.
  • Fabric and synthetic materials resist wear and increase stability beneath the midsole. Depressions within the outsole structure are filled with the softer midsole material to create an integrated cushion.


New CLOUD BOOT- here now!

  red cross first aid logo   Sold as single boots - therapy boot only - not a riding boot.

cloud boot rehab system

The Most Robust Therapeutic Boot

In The World

The new Easyboot Cloud is a therapeutic hoof boot system designed to give comfort and support to horses with thin soles, abscesses, founder, laminitic stages, stresses of shipping, recovery after workouts or stalling on hard surfaces. It also provides instant and ongoing relief for horses suffering from chronic lameness and general lower limb or hoof problems by aiding movement and reducing recovery time after injury or surgery.

Seams and edges of the industrial strength Cordura® upper are rounded for safety. A padded collar provides additional relief to the pastern area. Three air vents provide air circulation to keep the hoof cool while preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Each Easyboot Cloud comes with a removable closed-cell EVA standard pad. Replacement Cloud pads are sold separately. The Easyboot Cloud may be used in conjunction with the EasyCare Therapy Click System®.  The Coud boot is a therapy boot (not a riding boot) designed for ease of access and able to be used over bandaging, therefore is recommended for small turnout areas only.

sizing chart

The  Rx THERAPY Boot:   

Not a riding boot, but specifically designed to help horses who are undergoing painful laminitis, surgery, hoof trauma or abscessing. 

Rx Multi graphic

It is lighweight, washable, breathable and thick pads can be added for extra comfort. 

Because of its loose fit you can also choose a size that will allow you to bandage your hoof if that is necessary. 

A great favourite of equine vets as it allows horses some quiet turn out time in the sun, so necessary for recovery.

EasySoaker Boot

red cross first aid logo

Easycare Soaking Therapy Boot

(not a riding boot - not a therapy boot - for soaking only)

soaker on hoof

The EasySoaker is a handy item in any tack room. Suitable for:

  •   Soaking & Pouliticing.
  •   Applying medicated treatments.
  •   Holding medication at a wound site
  •   Providing a clean protected environment

This is a lose fitting boot.  We recommend that the horse be restrained when wearing the boot.

Click here for printable sizing chart - SOAKER  Click here for printable sizing chart - SOAKER

Note:  Easycare recommends sizing up when purchasing an EasySoaker. 

Sizing up one or two sizes allows extra space for bandages and liquids to be used inside the boot. 

In addition, a larger size makes application quicker and easier.


The Zip Boot

Zip Boot

 The Zip boot is ideal as a strong temporary covering for any hoof wound.

It is simple to put on and can be done quickly which really helps.  It can provide a clean environment for a bandaged hoof and is something all horse owners should consider having in their first aid kit for those times when you don't have a stable available and your horse has a hoof injury.

The Zip boot is also a wonderful tool for any owners, trimmer or farrier to use when applying the Easyshoe.  Having a Zip boot handly allows you to prepare the hoof for gluing and not have to worry about geting dirt or moisture on it before you glue.  If you have a figety horse then you don't have to panic if you need to allow him to put his weight back on that hoof prior to gluing.

using a Zip boot when applying the easyshoe

sizing chart for zip boot

buy now button

Easycare Inc. now have a product to help those who compete in sports that as yet do not permit hoof boots. 

It is also a great rehab. tool for farriers & professional hoof care providers as it allows the hoof to expand and flex and bare weight normally.

Click here to go to our Easyshoe Information Page.For more indepth information on the Easyshoe range.


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