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Bargain Bin Items

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The items in our Bargain Bin are usually in great condition. Most have been used only as demonstration boots at our workshops or trade fairs. 

Please be sure to check the sizing charts available for these boot styles on our online shop prior to purchase.  We are unable to exchange this stock as often it is discontinued lines so replacements are not available.

To order the Bargain Bin items:

Please ring Easycare Down Under 02 4457-3022 (during office hours) and one of our staff will be happy to take your card payment over the phone. 

Boot Condition Code:
Excellent - used only for boot demonstration purposes - in "as new" condition.
Very Good - Shows only slight scuff marks on sole.
Standard - Has been lightly ridden in so may show small amount of sole wear or dirt on gaiter but still a great viable boot with good sole depth etc.

Used- Has been ridden and there is some wear on the product 


Back Country Glove Boots 2015 Models

Size 0.5 Regular Single Boot Excellent condition

$75 includes regular post

EQUINE Fusion Boots

Ultra size 12 slim single right boot $80.00 includes regularpostage

Trekking Boots one pair Excellent Condition Size 13 

$260 for the pair includes regular post

Easyshoe Flex

Easyshoe Flex Heart Bar Size 1 Side Clips One Pair

$25 for the pair plus postage

Easyshoe Flex Open Size 1 Side Clips One pair

$25 for the pair plus postage

Easyshoe Flex Heart Bar Toe clips Size 's

0  Two pair 

1 One pair

2 One pair

3 Two pair

5 Three pair

$25 a pair plus postage

Fury Sling

Demo size 1 (Single) - Very Good - $100.00 includes regular postage 

Fury Heart 

Size 2.5 (Pair) - standard - $190  includes regular postage

Size 2.5 (Single)- Used $60.00 includes regular postage

Soft Glove

None Available

Old Mac G2 

Size 9 RIGHT BOOT -Unused _$80 includes regular post


DEMO Size 2.5 Wide (Single boot) - Excellent condition - $100.00 includes regular postage

Demo Size 0 (single Boot) -Excellent Condition-$100 includes regular post

Demo Size 1.5 (Single boot) -Excellent Condition _$100 includes regular post 

New Trail Boot

Size 7 (Single Boot)-Excellent condition-$100 includes regular post

Stratus Therapy Boots

Size 4 (Single) Plus Rods and Pad- $129 includes regular post

Easyboot Epic

Size 0 One pair $140 includes postage

Used condition

Pre 2017 Back Country Glove Boot accessories

Cup gaiter

Limited Number in sizes

Size 4

$10 each

Glove Gaiter 2016 Model  unused

Size 0 wides

Size 1 Wide Single gaiter One left in stock

$30 each inc regular postage   Limited Number available

GLOVE Gaiters Pre 2016

Size 3 Wide Unused $20 includes postage

Old Mac G2 Gaiters 

Small size one pair slightly used $15 includes postage

Discontinued Lines: (All New Accessories)

Wild Horse Fly Veils 2 dart

New Unused

Pony Size  $15 plus postage

Pony with Ripstop Nose Protector  $20 plus postage

Limited number available

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