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At last a truly flexible shoeing option that can expand and flex in every way.

If you compete in a discipline that as yet, does not permit boots in competition, or need to rehab a horse who is competing then the Easyshoe range may be just what you need!

Below:  EasyShoes at the races, in the US, Eventing, & used for rehab by top dressage rider Shannon Peters & "Squishy" in EasyShoes. 

Squishy excelled at his sport but was held back as traditional shoes did not work for him. Photos courtesy of Easycare Inc.

It is vital for the hoof as it evolved as a conical shape which naturally expands as it grows downward and nailing to a rigid steel plate prevents this natural expansion.

Easyshoes for rehabilitation purposes:

The Easyshoe is an exceptional tool for horses with hoof problems  such as Navicular Syndrome.

Farriers and professional trimmers alike will find it useful for situations where steel shoes can no longer be kept in place and the hoof capsule is slowly weakening due to lack of hoof mechanism which is usually accommpanied by slow or no hoof growth.

The "spacers" accessory make it invaluable for dealing with contracted heels as they can be changed during the shoeing cycle without removing the shoes. 

The EasyShoe can also be filled with various sole support materials.

Statement from Easycare Inc. about the development of the EasyShoe.

EasyCare is passionate about the equine hoof and believes that the best equine feet spend a great deal of time out of hoof protection.

Barefoot time strengthens the hoof, allows for natural expansion and contraction, and hoof boots are the perfect protection when needed. Although most agree that barefoot time is crucial, horse owners often sacrifice what is ideal for their horses in order to fit our own human schedules.

If your horse is performing in a discipline where hoof boots are not permitted then the Easyshoe may be an option for you. 

The EasyShoe will complement our 13 hoof boot models and gives horse owners and professionals a 3-6 week form of hoof protection that aligns with our hoof mechanism theories.

The key to successful application of the EasyShoe depends entirely upon hoof preparation and application techniques. Please view these videos on the application of the shoe prior to applying.

Introducing the EasyShoe lineup:



Easyshoe Versa Grip

Easyshoe Versa Grip Light

Easyshoe Compete

Easyshoe Sport

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