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EasyShoe Information Page

EasyShoes (nail and glue on styles) provide constant protection to the hoof while still supporting the benefits of a barefoot horse. This revolutionary composite shoe allows the hoof to expand and contract, both laterally and vertically as nature intended. Utilizing the latest urethane technology, the EasyShoe offers maximum durability and protection in addition to dramatically reducing concussion on hard surfaces. 

To help you navigate the new world of Polyurethane shoes  below is some helpful information to help guide you. With so many styles being discussed on blogs & on social media it can become overwhelming and confusing for a new customer who is eager to try Easy shoes for the first time.
Let's start with the basics, there are nail on shoes & glue on shoes. Nail on shoes can be applied to your horse like a metal shoe but can have the advantage of suiting the exact size of your horses hoof by altering the length of the existing shoe size by using a grinder or using spacers to increase the width for certain styles. Farriers, trimmers and confident horse owners who can trim their own horses can apply these Nail on shoes using E5 Slim or E4 nails. They will last a 4-5 trim cycle if applied correctly and can be used several times.
Easyshoe Nail on styles are
*Easyshoe Versa Grip
*Easyshoe Versa Grip Light
*Easyshoe performance NG
*Easyshoe Versa Grip Gold
Now let's talk about the Easyshoe Glue on shoes. These beauties are a real favorite right now. There are many new exciting styles which were launched this year that horse owners are raving about. Some are applied with Maxi-Cure glue, whilst others are applied with Vettec Adhere. The real advantage of these styles are they are easy to apply, especially to a horse with thin walls, thin soles & difficult to shoe. They will also last a 4-6 week trim cycle if applied correctly and can be reused by either replacing the tabs or using a Dremel drill to remove the old glue. 
Easyshoe styles applied with Maxi-Cure glue (Super Glue)
* Easyshoe 3D
* Versa OCTO
* Versa Grip light with Finger tabs (black or clear Tabs) 
* Versa Grip Light with Sticky tabs
* Versa Grip light with Stealth tabs
Maxi-cure EasyShoe Quick Set Super Glue
Ingredients: Cyanoacrylate
Apply Maxi-Cure™ CA to one side of the parts being joined, then hold them tightly to- gether for 10-20 seconds. Full strength is reached in three hours.
Easyshoe styles applied with Vettec Adhere
*Versa Grip Glue
*Easyshoe Performance
*Easyshoe Performance NG
*Easyshoe Sport
*Easyshoe Compete
Vettec Adhere
Adhere is a multipurpose, fast-setting urethane adhesive designed to bond urethane shoes to the hoof and to fabricate large and small hoof wall repairs. It sets in 60 seconds, is weight bearing after 3.5 minutes and is fully cured in 6 minutes.
Why is plastic better than metal on hard ground?
Plastics are viscoelastic which means their internal structure has a negligible organisation, long flexible molecules and empty spaces so there is not a direct transfer of energy from one side to the other. Any vibrating energy which enters plastic is effectively dampened down and any vibration that leaves the structure is very low in frequency and amplitude.
So what’s the big deal about a little bit of vibration?
Continual, repeated exposure to vibration is cumulatively damaging to living tissue. It disturbs the circulation of the tiny peripheral blood vessels, affecting the health of bones, connective structures, muscles and even nerves.
The higher the frequency, the more damaging is the vibration.
Metal has a crystalline lattice structure that is rigidly organised and not very elastic, which means that impact applied to one side passes straight through and out the far side as a vibration that resonates at a high frequency.
Energy vibrating through horseshoes is amplified by concentration through a small surface area (the hoof wall is only about 10% of the total ground surface area of a hoof).
Combine this with the concussive shockwave being mal-absorbed (the equine hoof is designed for the concussion to be absorbed mostly through the frog and digital cushion and only minimally through the hoof wall) and add to the equation the weight of rider and saddle, and… it just can’t end well.
Fortunately, modern technology is gifting us better options than hard shoes on hard ground. - Andrew Bowe 2019 Horses & People Magazine.
If you would like more information each of our Easyshoe styles below are the links to Nail and Glue on Easyshoes, with instructional videos to view. 

Introducing the EasyShoe lineup.

Nail on: 

Easyshoe Versa Grip - Nail on style

Easyshoe Versa Grip Light Nail on style

Easyshoe Versa Grip GOLD - Nail on style

Easyshoe Performance N/G  - Nail and Glue on

Glue on:

Easyshoe 3D - Glue on style

Easyshoe Versa Grip GLUE - Glue on style

Easyshoe Octo - Glue on style

Easyshoe Compete Glue on style

Easyshoe Sport - Glue on style

Easyshoe Performance - Glue on style

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